GIG Quantity related


I searched around and was unable to find an answer. Could someone please tell me if there is a way to add days when a buyer opts for additional gigs in my basic plan (or other plans).

For instance, a buyer just placed an order for 4 gigs in my basic plan. And the delivery time is 24 hours. So i was wondering if i could add days for similar orders i might get in the future.

Or is there anyway to deactivate this option?

Thank you.


You can limit your maximum orders.


No matter how many multiples of a gig a buyer orders, all of those multiples will be due on the same day (as if the buyer only ordered one gig). If you wish to extend the delivery time, you will have to ask your buyer to do so. Send them a request to extend the delivery time.

In the future, don’t offer 24-hour delivery times. Set your gigs at a few days so that you have time to complete all orders, regardless of the size or multiples ordered.


Still, it would be counted as 1 gig


You are right, I should probably change the time of delivery. Tho i wish there was a way i could still offer 24 hours delivery for my basic gig.

No thoughts on if that particular feature can be deactivated?



Use the “Resolve Now” feature to request more days for this particular order.

How to:

  1. Click “Resolve Now.”
  2. Choose “Other.”
  3. Extend the delivery time.
  4. Select the amount of extra days you’d like to add.
  5. Send!


Thank you, but I can easily cover this one in 24 hours. It just occurred to me that it can happen on a busy day as well, so i wanted to be prepared.


I suggest visiting the Fiverr Academy to learn all about the various features available!



I shall do that as soon as I am done with work. Thank you so much :slight_smile: