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Gig Qunatity and Delivery Time

I don’t understand why the delivery time does not increase with the quantity of orders?
If a buyer place two orders then the delivery time also needs to double, but it’s remained same.
I have already contacted Fiverr, but don’t get any satisfied reason. These kinds of orders in which buyer purchased more than one gig are often canceled by me because the buyer wants double work at the same time I normally use to create one. A very few customer gives more time.
I also get four gig quantities from one buyer, but still the delivery time remains 2 days like always. This is just not fair.
The delivery time should be increased with the quantity of orders.


It doesn’t increase because it was placed as one order. One order, one deadline.

If you’re having problems completing larger orders in two days, then just increase the number of days that you allow to complete each order. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

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Honestly I’d like to keep up this post and add my request.

It happened to have a dozen of different orders in the same day. It means the same deadline for all.

I would appreciate a different system to manages deliveries. AS in example that the seller can SET a max. Amount of orders s/he can take with the same delivery-day and so pop up an option for the buyer to book the gig but for example a day more. Maybe like a calendar/agenda like the ones you have when you book a plain or a travel and it is not available for that day but for the day next. I dont know if it makes sense.

Or a message that advice that the max limit i reached and the deadline has a day more. Or similar. What do you guys think about this?

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I think this is not a proper solution. If i can create some work in 4 days why i need to add more days in delivery time. Mostly buyers wants express delivery. If i increase delivery time it applies to all the orders not those which needs to be. I hope you are getting my point.

Yes, I agree with you. This happens to me several times. If some buyer placed 5 orders using same gig, but delivery time doesn’t extends. I think it’s need to increased. If we get example as a Logo design gig, someone ordered 5 logos in same day, sellers couldn’t deliver 5 Logos in 24 hours. It’s hard task. I think need some solutions for these type of issues.

Yes! I also start discussion on fiverr customer support regarding this issue. But they did not take any action.
Nobody is taking any response to this topic. I am still getting orders like these and result is same like always.

What do you think guys should be a solution? I mean not just Extending the time… I was more thinkin about a limit goal that a seller can automatical set to avoid being overbooked and find hiself to fight against the decreasing delivery time %

I agree. It would be very helpful to have set maximum of orders in queue. This way you can’t get a new order until one has been delivered. I’m finding myself having to go on Vacation Mode all the time now because I get so many orders in spurts.

That should be a “must-have” feature.
I always ask my customer, in the Gig description, to contact me before placing more than one order all at once, so I can adjust the delivery time manually… but not everyone do that. :confused:

I completely agree. I have had this problem as well before. If my express delivery is only for a basic $5 gig but a buyer is buying 10 gigs in the same order, then it doesn’t make sense for the delivery time to be the same.
Either, we should have an option to charge more in this case since we are delivering more work in less time, or there should be an option of increasing the delivery time.

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simple the quantity should be multiplied with days/time. But fiverr isn’t doing that, my buyer has placed 7 in quantity, its 4 videos / 3 days , and now i have to do 28 videos / 3 days. does it make sense?


I understand the hassle with this one.

A solution would be to increase the delivery time.