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Dear All,
Hope all are well during this critical situation. I need to know from my experienced friends that how will I check my gig rank in in FIVERR? will I check manually or is there any apk so that I can check my gig rank genuinely?

Hope i will get best solutions from my friends.

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Fiverr is NOT like Google.

That means ranking essentially does not exist here.

Gig Rotation moves all gigs around so one day you may be on Page 2, the next day or in a couple of days you appear on Page 12, maybe a few days later you are on Page 45.

Gig Rotation makes it fair for all Sellers to get equal exposure.

What really matters is that you use the right keywords for your Gig so when a Buyer enters something like “blog writer” and “article writer” Gigs with those keywords will appear.

I hope this helps.


You just have to manually search for it and the position changes.

Why can’t I find my Gig while searching? Why is my Gig no longer in the same spot in the marketplace?

A Gig’s position in the marketplace is based on seller performance over a set period. Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.

The above is from the Help Centre.


You check your gig manually search, like use your keyword,


You might find this thread interesting. Frank D (forum mod, Fiverr Pro) shares his experiences and opinions in regards to “gig ranking”.

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