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Gig rank declined because of order cancellation

Buyer place an order without talking with me and after a few moments he told me to cancelled the order. I asked him if he do not need the service. It was not my fault. The order was cancelled mutually. But now my gig is declined from it’s rank and I am not getting order. How can I get new order?

Please give me tips how can I improve my profile and get more order : profile


You should try promoting your gig to social media, where you have potential buyers :slight_smile:


Well, this too happened to me. I got declined. Now I’m ‘no-level’ seller again. I’m not sure why I got declined. As I can guess, it might because I’m didn’t reply the buyers message soon.

But guess what? The orders flow just the same whether I’m ranked or de-ranked.

So, I suggest keep on moving. Don’t thinking much about the rank. Because maybe the rank has nothing to do with the orders.


Thank you for suggesting me. I am promoting my gig in social media. But I am not getting order from there. May be I can not promoting my gigs in proper way.


Very sad. Keep trying. and send buyer request.


yes, I am sending buyer request everyday.

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@maliha1832 Don’t always rely on buyer requests, but read this article to send effective buyer requests: 10 Tips for Writing an EFFECTIVE BUYER REQUESTS


Thank you very much.