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Gig rank down and didn't get any order for last few days

Gig rank down and didn’t get any order for last few day


Can’t get the order. How to write a buyer request, the response will be available?

same problem …

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You had better to go customer support

Please send buyer request…

Same problam my gig :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

It already tooks 10+ days to get a reply from CS. It’s useless to overburden them with problems they can’t solve.

@arifhosensefat you can try to better optimize your gig, for example modifying its images, improving the description and the tags, etc.
Also, keep in mind that gigs rotate, i.e. their rank is not fixed.
My advice is to find out if you can improve your gig somehow (maybe reading articles about this topic on the forum, like: Use color psychology to improve your gig) and if so, to edit it. Meanwhile you can get orders sending relevant reply to buyers requests.

Best of luck!