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Gig rank drop issue

4 days ago I was editing my gig description after that I lost my 1st-page ranking and day by day gig impression is down. Anyone suggest me how can I back my gig rank?


the same issue facing. I lost my ranking from the first page after editing my gig even i am a level 1 seller, I don’t know how this Fiverr algorithm works. is editing my gig lost my all sales? really unhappy with fiverr.

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I lost it after 6 years on the first page. It’s not only due to editing.

it’s really worry every seller

Wait for one week and if the impressions don’t improve, try to make changes again.


impression day by day down. if i should use previous text then come back?

if i contact cs they will help me this issue?

Yes, contact CS if your Gig is not appearing in search result and wait for one week before making any further changes in the Gig description.

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Analyze your gig statistics before and after the changes to understand the problem where.

When you edit your gig it will lost it place @imrankhan008

6 years on the front page? :face_with_monocle:


I didn’t say front page. Read closely :slight_smile: First page in my category.

it happens from time to time … it will get back to normal after a few days/weeks … it happened before,it will happen in the future as well


near 7 days is close and Gig is not appearing in the search result :disappointed_relieved:

Well they are the same or almost.

Hoe did you achieve that?

digital marketing social media based

You can check your gig status from here:

thank you so much for your suggest

My gig had been down for about 20 days this month. It just returned to the first page recently. I hope your gig will be back soon.

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congratulations. thanks for your suggest i am also get back my gig