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Gig rank dropped from first page


Hi, one of my gig drop from first page ranking and its only showing up in best selling option or into when its search for deliver in 24 hours option.

I understand gig ranking is not permanent so what can i do to ensure my gig rank back to first page? Any idea on this would be helpful


I think this problem will be solved when you will get more 5 star review.


hi, i don’t think reviews is the issue here because in that gig already got 40+ 5 star reviews it might be something else with its total performance. thanks for your reply


I don’t think review is the main issue.There are so many other terms to rank on the 1st page. One of my gig was in the first page but after coming from vacation it dropped to 2nd page and I have an order immediately after coming from vacation with 5 stars but gig was not showing in the 1st page again.


Yes I agree with you the problem with my gig is it was in the first page in 3 days ago but now its not in the 3 -5 pages its only showing in the best selling option