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Gig rank factor

what is gig seo and image seo?.

please explain it…


There’s nothing called gig SEO. but yeah, you can make good eye catching gig image to attract potential customers towards your gig. there’s nothing than that. there’s no way to get more traffic to your gig other than advertising it somewhere.


ah at last some body put a full stop to this nonsense in half a sentence,
I try to explain couple of time that, it will be crazy for fiverr to pay any attention to SEO

Bro You are r8:grinning::hugs::yum:


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You are right about this, often time I have try to optimize my gig description by using relevant keyword in it but it doesn’t work. I believe one should make a short and catchy description.

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Noting like gig SEO, just make a short and catchy description. That’s all.

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Actually there is such a thing as gig ranking. A lot like optimizing a website page.

There is a webpage SEO, and your gig is practically a webpage. You need to use SEO in order for your gig to rank better. SEO means using several things to help bring your gig higher in the results when somebody looks for something you offer with a gig inside fiverr. But fiverr’s search engine is quite different from google’s search engine and nobody knows how it works. You need to check what worked for some people here on the forum.

You can also use SEO in theory to help your gig show up on google. But that would be some very advanced stuff. I tell you this just to make difference between google SEO and fiverr “SEO”. That is why some people here don’t want to call it SEO at all.

And “image SEO” probably means naming the image you put on your website in line with the SEO rules. Again, this works for google, but not for fiverr gigs, I believe.


i agree with you . in this topics

You can make good eye catching thumbnail or Videos showing your Skills :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.