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Gig rank factors?

What are the things to keep in mind to get gig rank in Fiverr?


Buyers Reviews for sure

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yeah, i thought also. other factors?

Gig rank depends on multiple factors.
I think these are some of them:

  1. Reviews
  2. Fav
  3. Impression & click
  4. Relevant tag, title & description
  5. How much order you already done.
  6. Your active time on fiverr

Favorites are not a factor. Favorites are a bookmarking system.

Impressions and Clicks are not. These are a report, not a factor.

Active time is highly debated. It depends on what you’re doing with that time. (If you’re just hitting refresh, that is NOT being active and thus not a factor.)

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buyers reviews, impression and click, your active time on fiver and at last and main thing is, Your Dedication to your work.

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I may not be sure about this, but I think is your Conversion Rate, your Gig Title, you Tags and the Reviews you’ve got.

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if you can create a properly optimized keyword gig title for your gig based on your specific niche that will definitely help you to rank your gig on Fiverr and try to be active on Fiverr as much as you can (without auto-reloaded :wink: )

Have a good day!


I said “I think” so maybe my thoughts wrong.

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I said “I think” so maybe my thoughts wrong. These are known by my friends who are work in this marketplace.

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@imagination7413 you are a true person here and give me accurate view

thanks for sharing your ideas with us @designdunia

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@dsilva thanks man , i deeply thinking now about ranking on fiverr

yeah i also think reviews and getting more order the main factors @getty_webdesign

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@fahim_badhon what means active , only reload or anything else

If you stay active, it could get you more sales for those who filter “online sellers” gigs, or it could be good for you because you’ll be able to respond fast.

However I receive all of my messages during night time, when I am Offline! So nope, I don’t think that’s a factor.

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That’s true. Because the more orders you complete the higher you conversion rate gets.

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@stefanyoshovski thanks for sharing your experience