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Gig Rank fall after feedback removal

Hi, I hope everyone is safe and doing well.

I need help from the Respected Fiverr community. I am a TRS seller in Whiteboard and Animation Category.

A few days ago, An order was closed automatically by the Fiverr system after delivery. The buyer had requested revisions through the collaboration tool which were pending to be delivered. The buyer did not use the revision button so the order was in delivered mode only.

After the order was closed, I message the buyer that their revision is ready and being sent in Inbox. But the buyer was unaware of how fiverr works and where conversation can be held. He just saw the notification and left me a one-star review saying I did not revise as per his requests.

Later I revised and he requested further revisions which were done and in end, he apologized to me for the bad review.

In between all this, I had contacted CS regarding this as buyer without reading my messages left a bad review. I asked them what options do I have in such a case. They asked me about the order I was talking about. I shared order id with them and specifically asked them about what options do I have. I did not ask for any action.

The CS, on their own, removed the feedback. I was happy with this at that time.

But later found that, aftert this my gigs went to the last page in each and every criterion used to filter the gigs. I contacted CS again. They said everything is okay and it works based on algorithm.

But I am sure some bad mark has been made on my account which is causing this. I am in trouble now. Without impressions, I cannot make any sales.

And moreover, this is a mistake of CS, I had asked them for options, not action.

What should I do now? Please help me get this sorted. CS is sending the same response every time.


This sounds like a tricky situation. The algorithm is a thing of mystery, and so are the responses from the CS team at times.

With your status as a TRS I would think you should be back on track in no time. Give it a few days and see what happens? It might just be the algorithm weirdness kicking in. I know they are doing some work on the site these days, and that might be breaking some things as well.

Frankly, there’s not much you can do, if you have already done what you can to rank high, and the CS team is being unhelpful.


Hi, I doubt if that review or it’s removal was the cause. Lots of people have mentioned on the forum this has happened to them. I expect things are being shuffled around now a lot and probably your gig will be back in a good spot hopefully soon. I think it’s a temporary setback and will correct itself.


Yes, I have nothing to do except wait. But I think they have some feature when which is applied, it makes gigs rank down. Now it has some time expiration or not, I am unaware about it, only time will tell. Thanks for your reply.

Hi, It is removal feedback only. In past also I have received bad reviews twice but that time too nothing like this had happened. The main thing is I am suffering for a mistake of a CS executive. Who did not confirm and removed the feedback directly on her own. And now one is ready to help. I am just getting same responses, that everything is okay and gigs are active & appearing in search. But on which rank they are appearing they are not concerned about it.

Gigs of a TRS seller are ranking last, they are not understanding this.

Do you know anyone here on forum who is directly associated with Fiverr, who can escalate this issue?

I asked for escalation but they aren’t doing it.

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I think you have at least some returning buyers as per reputation. So, there should be some sell instead of zero. But unless good ranking it might not be enough. With patience you may try harder to recover. As I don’t know the algorithm, can’t suggest any short-cut to get that position again. You are most welcome to share your new ideas.

Please don’t take it personally. I have just 2 questions.

  1. If you get sticky ranked at top (for your TRS badge) then how may your competitors (specially new ones) get chance?
  2. How did you get ranked/orders while you ware not TRS in earlier?

Best wishes!

Removing bad feedback does not make your gigs move back in rank. Also they won’t change the position of your gigs by asking them to.

You have 7 orders in your queue so you are getting sales. That’s a lot to me, I’ve never had that many in my queue.

No one in customer service can move your gig up in rank.

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Those orders were already there before feedback removal. Not a single new order.
In my gig category, few TRS sellers have 30-40 orders in que.

I have the same case…