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Gig rank has been dropped due to the unauthorized changes of the category by fiverr

Recently my gig category has been changed by the fiverr into an unrelevant category and therefore, I had to change it into the same old category. But afterwards I noticed that the ranking of my gig has been dropped drastically falling into the fifth page of the results and my gig used to be in first page. Now what can I do sort out this matter. I am really helpless since I have not received any orders since then and my impression rates and clicks are dropping.


You are lucky that you didn’t get a warning or got banned because all your gigs are breaking fiverr TOS


It’s rich saying Fiverr is unethical and breaking the rules when all of your gigs are unethical and breaking the rules. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


What do you mean, unauthorized changes of category by Fiverr? It’s their site, they can make any changes they want, and they don’t need your approval for that.