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Gig Rank In Fiverr

I think no one knows about fiverr ranking algorithm…me also thanks :grinning:

Thank you for your suggestion

@coolsunny1 No one know fiverr full algorithm but some of thing everyone knows

You can increase your impressions, clicks and views by doing SEO of your gig and by targeting the keywords buyers are searching. You can also increase them by promoting your gigs on social media platforms.

Best wishes for you :innocent:

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I saw your profile. You are a new seller … how many days gone since you publish your gig??

I publish my gig on 25 April first 2 days was good, I earn 70+ impressions and 5 click but now I earn just daily 10-15 impressions.

I know but every time it is same seo title, seo keywords, seo tags etc…

Stay online bro. Make attractive gigs,

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I am trying my best. Thank you for your advice

Be patient… Observe you gigs if nothing comes from that then change some minor thing on your edit. ( minor edit ). Change you gig images. Promote your gigs on social media. That may increase your impression.

Thank you @nazia_99 for your good advice. :heart_eyes: