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Gig rank lost problem So I Can edit?

Already my gig rank is lost. so now I can delete my gig And I can create again?
So what’s is the best for me?

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Okay , but It’s good for me??

At first check your gig status.

And it’s normal to lost gig rank. If you always rank your gig, what will happen to others.
Now just focus on your competitor’s gig and try to understand what they did, then if you want you can some minor edits on your gig.

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Okay, Thank you so much

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Try improving language and grammar in your gig description. You seem to offer quality service based on reviews but i think a lot of potential buyers will be put off by wrong english.
This could lead to worse rankings, since the ratio of impressions to clicks and to orders is most likely a ranking factor because it allows to evaluate relevance to the buyer.

Try grammarly or consider hiring a proof reader on fiverr.


Thank you sir :heart_eyes: