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Gig rank on 1st page

Hi friends,

Can anyone share some tips on how to rank up gigs on 1st page ?

There are no guarantees to being seen on the first page of search results. You can, however, improve your odds of ranking better by delivering top-quality work, on time, that earns positive reviews. In short, be a consistently great seller.


Like @jonbass said,

Figuring out how the Fiverr algo ranks gigs maybe a mystery… I have gotten a couple of my gigs on the first page.

But, even if I told you what I did, I don’t think it would matter as often I see gigs on the first page that may have the relevant title, but the gig description has about 3-5 lines.

I’ve done the same thing with other gigs with way opposite results.

But in case you want to be on the first page, rank high for the right keywords.
For the keywords I rank high on, for instance, gigs on the first page have 0-6 orders, then cross to logos - guys have 70+ orders - I’ve seen 354orders.

So what did/do I do?

I modify my gigs quite a bit. But the times I shot up I made sure in relation to the category I am in I had;
A relevant title, relevant description, relevant image names, keywords.

Of course, as a seller you should know there is private feedback buyers leave after every order is completed, A big part of me thinks this plays a big part in determining who fiverr pushes.

that is where,

You wouldn’t imagine how pathetic some buyer experiences are with many sellers here.

This month I’ve bought from 10-15 buyers, I wonder how Fiverr still has buyers given some sellers just don’t get the service business right.

Do the right thing, do what you love, everything else will fall in place.

You do not need to be on the first page to sell and make money.

All you need is, be great at what you do, the universe has its way of rewarding you for that.