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Gig Rank & Order Tips

hi there ! I’m a new seller on fiverr. I’ve been with fiverr since last couple of months. I’ve applied many tips & tricks on how to promote gig & make a sale. Though I tried a good many ways, I’m sure of having some true tips on how to make sure of selling the gig & get on order. I need expert help & tips in this regard. Thanks


I think you service is too cheap, while also not specific enough. Youre offering social mediamangement on 3 plattforms for 5 days for just 40$.
In addition the scope is not really clear. Your description names a lot of services you can offer, but, as a client i would not really know what i actually get, if i order you.
Try to break down social media management, to small workloads which you then offer in different. Segmentation is key.