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Gig rank problems

Hello every one i have checked all page but didn’t see my gig anywhere.But i think i did all properly. Can anyone help me?
My gig link is below.


Your gig may not be on the first page, but it’s certainly active. Fiverr rotates the position of gigs from time to time. That is, if you were on First page before, you may find your gig on the last page the next time you check.


can you please check my gig ? is it ok?


Let me do that shortly

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Fiverr totally screwed the ranking system, put all the newbies and bad ranked Gigs ahead, and all the top-rated Gigs to the void, seen by no one. I don’t have a clue why they feel the necessity to screw the system which worked totally fine in the last seven years. Your Gigs are presumably alive and well, but seen by no one. Ever since impression is down, none of my Gigs received any impressions, regardless what the system says and all my sales basically flatlined. I don’t like when idiots are at the helm, but right now it seems Fiverr was took over by some idiot at the design department.

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ok let me know when you done.
what should i do

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I do not understand how the system was totally changed… and no updates from Fiverr team

can you say that is my gig ok?

I just checked your gig. It’s quite ok. I’d advise you change your gig image to an image that highlights your services. Again, add a video to your gig. Videos can help bring in sales.

I have added a video but its saying under review for long time. They are still reviewing, And one more thing i have changed my title name from the original one is there any problem for gig rank??Though its link to url?
And i have 2more gigs but they are not active i don’t know why??Is it for the same catagory?

It’s recommended to use the same title with your gig URL.
For your gig video if it’s not accepted after 48 hours then try to upload it again.

I made a mistake already,I changed the gig title but now my gig is in first page thats y i am not changing now what should be the video name? gig title? or gig url?

I haven’t any proof if the video file name will improve your gig ranking.

but my video is not being upload? and what should be the video file name?In order to i have to name one for gig title and one for gig url


If you change filter option while searching from “Best Selling” to “Newest Arrivals” you probably will be able to found many gigs which where not showing before.

same problem with me