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Gig Rank surprisingly down & Promoted gig features are suspended

Facing the same issue, let us know if anyone is back on search, how long and possibly any solution

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Hi I am level 2 seller I am facing this issue from long time, not sure when it will be fixed, Should I contact with Fiverr CS?

Hi , I"m level 2 seller I gad the same issue since a week at the start of March , could it be a Gig cycling each month ? Tell us your experience

Based in all comments in this topic we can conclude that yes, if your gigs be moved to the last page because of the rotation of the gigs, the Fiverr will disable your option to promote.

Looks like that the Fiverr is working against the sellers… because you was moved to a bad position at least you could continue promoting to grow again.

As mentioned by you and the others people here, there’s nothing wrong with your gig, the option was disable due your position in the rank… really unfair.

Usually there’s a reason why they moved you to the back. It mostly has to do with the gig performance. You have late orders, cancelations, something in your stats is not right. I know every time I got removed, there was a reason. It was still unfortunate, since I got removed from search, but they do this for a reason, the algorithm has its reasons.


Yes i understand, there are criterions we never will know… For me is just strange that they disable the “Promote option” due the position of your gig. The impression is that all the things are going against you. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And what do you do in those moments? Take a break?

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Well, if you have issues with your gig performance, I can see why they disable that feature. They might think that the gig is unrelaible, since there are late orders or cancellations showing that. In my case, I saw that if you avoid any problems with your gig and get good reviews, you will eventually get back.

No. Learn what you did wrong,try to identify that on your own. Then don’t do it again. In my case, I had surgery and I had to cancel orders. So I was left 2 months outside of Fiverr search. There’s always a reason.


Well in my case i got one cancelation that wasn’t my fault, and the CS removed the cancelation. I asked them why my gig disappear and they said that there’s no relation with the cancelation… based in their opinion just one cancelling won’t affect you so badly. (if the gig was affected, since they removed the cancelling the gig should comeback)

Since i started in 2019, i never delivered late… so i have no idea what was the reason. All my reviews was 5 stars, two or three was 4 stars. So i presume that is just a normal rotation, based on suggestions from CS is to continue providing quality :slight_smile:

It depends.

Honestly, in my case, there was a bug with the Fiverr payment system. I ended up canceling 20-30 orders in a 2-month span. Yet somehow I had cancellations popping up because people were canceling left and right since their payments were not going through, and they most likely did chargebacks or went to customer support. At one point I had 130 cancellations within 2 months, yet I didn’t lose any level. So clearly those were not taken into account, but the truth is that I never got back on track until the 2 months passed and I had less cancellations.

So as far as I know, everything can be a factor. The sales volume too.

By the way, I think I know why you were pushed.

You have 14 reviews for the past 2 months, and one of them is a 1-star review. So… that 1-star is definitely why they pushed you back. It’s one thing to have 400-500 reviews a month and a 1-star review, and then there’s another to have 15-20 reviews and one of them to be a 1-star review.

Unless you have a large influx of orders to counterract that bad review, you may have to wait 2 months or so for it to not be so important.


What you said have reason, this 1 star review is refered to the cancelation that the CS removed (the cs don’t remove reviews). I think you are right about this 1 star review (even that wasn’t my fault)…

My gig was moved in the same day that i received this cancelation… so i still thinking that the reason could be this cancelation… even though that the CS said the opposite… is really confuse

But is complicated because just 50%-60% percent of the buyers make reviews… so i suposed that if i got more reviews and after 60 days the things become to normal.

Thank you again to take your time to give your feedback based on your knowledge… i really appreciated.


hi all… I’m a no level seller. but I have no idea about promoted gigs. How can I promote my gigs like this. I’m willing to spent bucks also…
Please tell me if it’s possible.

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You cannot promote your Gigs unless your Gigs qualify. You will see on your Dashboard a link to promote your Gigs when your Gigs qualify for this.


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Thanks for the valuable information maa’m

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Unless they change the rules you won’t be able to promote gigs while you’re still an unleveled seller. The help says (amongst other requirements) that you need to be level 1 or above and have a gig with at least 20 reviews.

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thanks for your reply sir. I’ve checked about it in fiverr pages.

I’m facing all of these same issues since 15th February. Sales have completely tanked.


Same situation here! I cannot promote my gig (even if I have 217 positive reviews between 4.9/5 of rating) because I am not qualified. I received no cancellations during the last 5 months

Let us know if anyone’s gig is back on track again

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I am facing these exact same issues. Level two seller and nothing but 5 stars, and suddenly my gig disappeared to rock bottom for no reason, unpromotable and no new customers coming in.
I would LOVE to hear if anyone has had a detailed answer, as I only get standard texts back from customer support. My profile is showing MANY technical quirks, messages unread, new massage appears but when I click it, nothing there, SEVEREAL conversations with people all stopping simultaneously and no more replies after, and worst of all; customers not seeing deliveries and being autocompleted.
I really want help but it seems we’re not being heard.


I am facing the same problem. I do not understand