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Gig Rank surprisingly down & Promoted gig features are suspended

Exact situation here! They should resolve this issue or we risk a collision with our careers…

I reached out to Customer Service, but they were of no help. Generic response which told me nothing.

I am facing this issue from 17 January to now. All of my gigs at last pages. I tried every method to rank gigs again but …
Does anybody find any solution or any person whose issue is resolved?
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I have the same issue, we are all struggling.

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Yes. Haven’t seen any changes

I experienced this same issue. After selling here since 2012 and maintaining excellent reviews, my gigs have maintained high visibility. However, after trying the “promoted gigs” feature and randomly having it suspended despite absolutely 0 issues with clients, I’ve fallen to the absolute last page in all categories. This is a very serious bug. Anyone who is experiencing this should report it to customer support and keep messaging them until you get an actual response.


i have done this literally every day one month. The checked everything. It has to do with new algorithms. There is a great thread here on the forum about “fiverr 3.0” read up in there!

I have same problem last week no order and impression down. How I will get better?


Hello! were you able to solve the issue?

This is not in our control we can just wait, after 2 months you will get back on search.


I am facing this issue for more then 2 months


any solution ??? Please let us know

Its been 2 months now but no improvement the gigs still on the last page

Please if anyone had this same issue and now restored let us know so we can hope that our will be restored also Thanks

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I have the exact same issue. I was invited to promoted gigs feature and after 2 days I got the notification that my gigs can’t be promoted anymore, due to lack of quality etc. I contacted CS and this was their reply:

"Upon review, I can see that your Gig looks amazing but is still need to meed additional metrics in order to be fully promoted. This means that it will be monitored by our team and reviewed every now and then, and you will be notified as soon as it fulfills their additional requirements.

I cannot provide you with their additional requirements since I am not a part of that team, however, I assure you that the Gig will be monitored and that you will be allowed to promote the Gig once the moment comes.

What you can do on your side is to keep up the good work, and our team will be reaching out to you in no time!

Also, kindly be informed that our system works in a way that gives all freelancers a chance to work. This was implemented by shuffling all the gigs available at the moment on our site so that not just gigs from the leveled, but also from the new sellers come up on the search page. Also, every user gets different search results according to their profile. This sometimes causes confusion among sellers - worry not, all of your Gigs are seen!"

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I experienced something similar too. Maybe 2-3 weeks ago I was invited to promote my gigs, and I did, as my gigs have been on the last page for more than a year with only returning buyers. Instantly I started to get orders from new people, even though only 1 order said it’s due to the promotion.

Then 2 days later it said none of my gigs are eligible due to not meeting quality requirements, even though my performance was unchanged. New people suddenly stopped ordering my gig as well. I contacted support and asked how is my gig low quality when it has more reviews and sales than 99% of other gigs on the marketplace, and my performance being excellent. But I didn’t receive any response that would explain it. I assumed it’s the amount of orders received in a specific short timeframe that decide it.

Then 2 days ago from now I received a notification saying my gigs can be promoted again, and only change was that my completion ratio lowered slightly from 100%. And instantly new people started ordering my gig again, and none of them say it’s from the promoted gigs feature.

So my theory is currently that if the algorithm places some sort of sanctions on your gig, and throws it to the last pages, then your gig is not eligible to be promoted. And once it rotates from there to some other page, your gig is again eligible. But I haven’t checked my gig placements in a while, so I have no idea on which page they are. I just can’t think of any other causes at the moment.

Or if some mysterious requirements are met, your gig is eligible to be promoted, and if promoted, it also jumps from the last pages to a better position (Or just jumps around more instead of being stickied to the last pages only) until you stop promoting it.