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Gig rank tricks (fiverr)

There is a many tricks to rank gig. one of theme social media sharing


Yes you are right. It is also an effective way to get fast order.Thnks


yeah ofcourse social media sharing is the best way.


That isn’t a trick and this is repetitive advice that everyone already knows.

You don’t get leads on social media simply by posting your gig. That isn’t how it works, so I don’t know why people keep saying that.


Haha, well I was gonna comment here the same thing :sweat_smile:


You have any Idea how its work?? @humanissocial

Please tell us which social media you are referring to?

And please tell us which types of accounts you share your gigs on?


I do and I’ve written about it many times in the forum. You can also learn about it through research off the forum, too.


Unless you’re creating awesome content, it doesn’t work. If someone had a page called “I love dogs” with 50,000 followers, that person can sell something once in a while, but I guarantee you he or she didn’t get all those followers by selling all the time.

Spamming people with your Fiverr gigs is the fastest way to get banned from social media. Being helpful is better, but even then, just because people appreciate your help doesn’t mean they’re going to buy your gig. You might answer my questions about creating a great logo, then I end up hiring another designer. It happens all the time.


Do not post your link all over social media. You won’t get sales that way.

I hope for the day no one posts “tricks” to rank gigs any more.


Actually when you share your gig on you social profile it does not mean you will get some sales from there because people there are just for entertainment but if there are some pages or groups where the seller and buyers are and they take interest in it then there will be some chances to sell your gig in pages and groups…If anyone want to explain about selling your gig then please share with us…Thanks


Do NOT do this. Posting your gig links in the pages and groups owned by other people, is spam. Spam does not lead to success, and could, instead get you banned from those social sites.

If you want to market your services, promote them to the target customers who need what you have to offer. The people in pages and groups are NOT your target customers. Most of them are just other sellers spamming their gigs in that group as well – i.e., desperate sellers doing desperate things – just like you – in the hopes of someone randomly buying from them.

If you want to be successful, I recommend that you take the time to learn how to market properly and effectively. And no, I am not going to tell you how to do that, because you need to be willing to do your own success research. The only way to make sales, is to connect to your target customers.


ok…good friend. Your views are also valuable

I am not your friend. We are not suitably acquainted. I am a Fiverr seller, just like you.

Views are only registered when someone looks at your gig. They are of little to no value if those views don’t turn into orders. Conversion rate has value. Views (without orders) just mean that people are looking at your gig, and leaving – without placing an order. You don’t want that.


ok…Can you tell me that what you sell on fiverr?

You can easily check his profile and see for yourself.


you are right . its very effective for gig ranking.

stop thinking that posting links to your gigs anywhere will help you in any way. It won’t.

Will you guys PLEASE stop posting this over and over!
Stop saying to post your links on social media.

Quora, Linkedin, and most other platforms and forums block Fiverr links, because people like you keep spamming gig links everywhere which no one wants to see.

All people think when they see a link to Fiverr gig is “Oh look, more poop spam from a talentless no hope from xxxxx on Fiverr.”.


The best trick you can use is to search on forum posts similar to this one and learn from people who don’t agree with things like: spamming your gig link on facebook and twitter, using auto-refreshers to mimic an online seller, exchanging favs and reviews, etc.
If there was a secret formula, nobody in his right mind would share it publicly in this forum. It would not be a secret anymore.
The trick is to not make Fiverr your main source of income as a new seller, have patience, deliver original and quality services, learn how to optimize your gigs, read the Fiverr TOS, and most importantly…try to be realistic and understand you are in a competitive niche, there are a lot of people just as qualified as you on this forum (if not more qualified) and it might take a lot of time to get on the first page for the most common keywords. You need patience and a stable source of income from somewhere else to make it on Fiverr.


TRUE… misscrystal
I agree with you

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