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Gig rank tricks (fiverr)

You don’t post your gig on pages and groups. That’s spam and that won’t get you sales, either.

Guys, get it through your heads: no one wants to see your gigs plastered over the internet. No one.

It doesn’t work and for the love of grapes, stop saying that posting on groups, pages, forums, Quora, etc will get you sales. It won’t and even if it did, it is so wrong, sketchy and rude.

Stop focusing on what you want people to see and think about what they want to see.

Stop giving advice about things you don’t understand.

No wonder Fiverr sellers have such a terrible reputation.

Marketing is not posting your gig repeatedly everywhere. Spamming is not marketing. Learn what marketing is and how it works instead of trying to find tricks to game the system.


This explains it all.
If only you want to understand.


Absolutely. It’s a basic tenet of marketing.

Thanks for the quote and compliment!


HeHe, well I was gonna comment here the same thing :sweat_smile:

You are right @humanissocial

i am new on fiverr…
its a very helpful news for me…!!! thanks

That is the point people looking for but the thing is that experts never share secrets even in private chat box.

Such a ‘secret’ doesn’t exist. I’m sorry if it makes you feel better to think that there’s some secret that we’re keeping to ourselves, but you’re only fooling yourself. Top sellers follow simple, honest, transparent methods to be successful.

  • We work hard and deliver a top-quality product
  • We offer commercial services that people actually need, fully understanding supply and demand
  • We communicate effectively
  • We deliver top level customer service
  • We take responsibility for our own success
  • We do all of these, plus more, again and again and again for years

People who want ‘tricks’ or ‘secrets’ do none of these things. They think Fiverr is like a videogame, where you just input a cheat code and Fiverr will start throwing money at you. I promise you, do all of the things I’ve just mentioned consistently for a year, and you’ll be successful.


Experts share links and tips here all the time.

I sure hope you do not mean by “private chat box” that you are messaging sellers from the forum asking them to help you - message the wrong seller and your message will be flagged as spam and you will wake up to your account with a warning or worse, banned. Do not message sellers here unless you want to BUY something from them. If you want “tips”, you ask in the forum.



On your opinion what should every frelancer do for effective way

Well said fully appreciate with you, can you give marketing idea?

You can setup bing ads for more action…