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Gig ranked on 2nd page but not getting order

My gig is ranked on 2nd page but not getting clicks and order? Can anyone guide what’s the reason? Here is the link of my gig


Don’t worry about that. Be patient, mate.

Hi there,
@safianasim2 Your Gig’s preview page might not be attractive enough to get the buyer.
secomdly make sure you have good ratings because these always matter. and last of all be patient it can take some time


Be patience, Active 24 hours and send buyer request regularly.

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Be patient and focus your gigs marketing.

Your opening line on your Gig description had many grammatical errors, and it is hard to figure out what you actually do. I rewrote the opener, if you want to try a different approach. I would advise you to proofread your entire gig description.

“You’ve found an experienced WordPress data entry administrator. I can upload blog content and list your products. I also provide other data entry tasks for WordPress.”