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Gig ranked poorly in search, despite high performance

I have been working on fiverr since July 2018 and since then I have only had 1 gig. I started making sales 3 weeks after creating the gig and fast forward 3 months later I was already a level 2 seller. My gig was always ranked on the first page of search results since September, 2018. By December 2018 to March 2019, I was earning $3k monthlly with and average of 35 orders completed, and then from April 2019 to the rest of 2019 I was earning and average of $5k monthly. I had to mention my earnings because I want to explain that I have always had a high performing gig.

January 10, 2020, my gig was removed from the first page of search results and moved down to the last page, I didn’t cancel any order and no negative review. I know a lot of sellers has experienced the same issue too, I have complained about this to CS and always get the same responses about new gig algorithm, I have also read a lot of forum post for suggestions on how to fix the problem but all to no avail. This is 7 months later, I barely make $1k now and I only get orders from returning buyers.

I must say this, I’m totally disappointed on this platform, no reward for hardwork and they don’t appreciate sellers who have been working with them for a long time. I understand that they want to promote new sellers too on the first search page but at least they should have moved the old and high performing gigs to the second or third page and not the last pages, this is not logical and it doesn’t make any sense to me. I hope they fix the algorithm soon.


My gig also disappear from the search result from last 2 months!! when I search my gig by the full tittle is was showed first from the first row because my gig title is different from others but now when I search it I can’t find it nowhere!! I don’t know what is exactly happening!!

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You are not alone. I have had the same issue and several other sellers who are getting only old buyers. The gigs despite excellent performance have fallen to last page. There seems to be some bug but which they don’t admit. I hope it gets fixed soon because if we are not making revenue, fiverr doesn’t make either. There are some sellers who are adamant that nothing is wrong in the site may be they are just lucky.

since fiverr seeing many of seller facing same problem then they need understand something is wrong with the algorithm and they should working on it!

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No, it’s not luck. Due to having way way too many people coming here because of the pandemic, there are almost double the gigs we had at the beginning of the year. As a result, the Fiverr algorithm is constantly changing gig positions. Even if you have thousands of reviews, you still end up at the back so others can get orders, then they push you back and so on… It’s gig rotation, not a bug. So don’t expect to stay as a best seller or first page gig for long.


You are right, they can’t admit there is a bug. I still can’t understand how a good performing gig will be moved to the last search page for no reason.

I have not noticed any rotation on my gig since it moved to the last page, it has remained there since January and I’m always active on the platform.

If that’s the case, even before there should have been gig rotation, less orders.

But no it wasn’t like this previously. There is a clear difference now due to search issues. Even if gigs are rotated now, it should have moved somewhere from last page.

Gigs rotate based on performance only and if you perform well it would stay there and also improve.

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I feel really sorry for you and other established sellers (like myself).

I’ve been a big fan of Fiverr for many years, however the volatility with search ranking in recent times (which has been well documented through the forums) means that so many deserving sellers are having their careers disrupted with devastating effect.

It’s simply not good enough for Fiverr to talk about gig rotation. Again, a quick look at the forums suggests that so many of the new sellers are quite frankly a complete waste of time - not all of them of course, but many. I’m all for giving new sellers a chance (as we were all new once), but something has gone very wrong in recent months.

I’ve only ever treated Fiverr as a part time business as we, as sellers, have so little control over our own destiny. I’ve always recognised this. Someone else earlier today on the forum described it as feast or famine. And they are right. When the search works in your favour you have almost too much work, and when it doesn’t you can go days without anything.

I intend to stick with Fiverr, but I treat any work through the marketplace as a bonus that I fit in around my life, rather than relying on it as a main source of income.


Well Spoken! 2019 I was working here full time, now I have diverted my efforts elsewhere. It is very bad to rely on Fiverr as the only source of income.


Any job I get now it’s just a bonus. Fiverr need to realise that they are loosing a lot of good and professional sellers.


Sadly it is very true.

Fiverr started off with a reputation as a bit of a ‘fun hobbyist’ platform. It then evolved into a serious business marketplace, but in my opinion it’s now lost its way. Hopefully it will evolve again and recover.

The longterm sellers are becoming more vocal about losing a serious amount of income, the number of new sellers means $5 has almost once again become the new norm (I’m exaggerating to make a point), and to cap it all, the number of scammer territory messages and buyers appears to be on the increase.

For what it’s worth I think natural market forces will mean that within a year or so the new incompetent breed of sellers who think this is a get rich quick scheme even if you don’t have any skills, will fall away and that the marketplace will stabilise again. But I do question how many of us serious longterm sellers will ride the storm.


Most sellers on this site don’t earn even this. “Barely making $1k” a month is nothing to complain about.

What kind of reward were you expecting to receive? Fiverr does not guarantee any specific placement for any seller’s gigs in the search results. The search system is governed by a dynamic algorithm. It is normal for every gig to rise, fall, and be seen all over the place in the search results. There is no such thing as “working your way to the top” in the search results.

Keep in mind too, every user sees different search results, so, if YOU see your gig on the last page, that doesn’t mean that everyone else does as well. You can’t control the search results, so, focus instead on doing what you need to in order to connect to your target customers, and leave the search results to do their thing. You shouldn’t be expecting the search system to provide all your sales.