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GiG ranking, Account blockage prevention and Gig flagging

Please can somebody guide me on how to rank my gig to fiverr’s first page, how avoid gig rejection and flagging and how to prevent account blockage?

None of us can provide this information, because Fiverr does not share the details of they algorithm. The only thing you can do is be a great seller, who delivers top-quality work, on time, that earns positive reviews.

Simple. Follow the rules as outlined in Fiverr’s Terms of Service. If you are following the rules, and not doing anything illegal, you’re not going to get any warnings on your account.

You account would be “blocked” if you willfully break the rules. Don’t break the rules.


To add to that, @responsivesales your account might be blocked even if your broke rules unwillingly. You should read TOS and make yourself familiar with all rules to avoid any warnings.