Gig Ranking and titling


Hello to Fiverr Family,
its my very 1st post.
i joined fiverr in sep 2016, got level 1 badge after competing my 1st month + 10+ sales.
but now gig ranking is going down.
no a single click or view so i am worried about the sale.

any tips or ideas how to get back the impression or boost the views for more orders.

thanks in advance


Take into consideration that december is usually a bad month for many sellers. The buyers have a tight economy over christmas, and many are on vacation. So it’s very likely that you’ll see your stats increasing again in January,

Two things one can do to boost the sales a bit is:

  1. Making a few changes to the gig often results in more impressions, even if only for a day or two. Hopefully that’s enough to get you a few morde customers :slight_smile:
  2. I know there are lots of people asking friends and family to purchase their gigs. A few positive reviews really boosts the sales, so that could be an option.

Good luck!

Is anyone having their gigs go from a large number of impressions to none?

I see that you are in the Photoshop editing niche.
Normally this category doesn`t get much affected in the december however if you think that the sales are low, then you might think about creating 1-2 christmas / new year related gigs. :slight_smile: