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Gig ranking decline

Hi everyone

My gig was on 1st page but now showing in last page. Any Solution please.



You can’t always stay at the top. There are many topics like yours. Yes, of course, you could go to the last pages for a couple of hours/days. Don’t expect that you would stay at the top of the page.

Every single user sees your Gig location differently. They can keep refreshing the page and all of the gig positions will always change.

Patience is the key to success. Just wait and see, you will climb up again.


@arnukas but it was not happening before. Why its happening from May,June?

Share your gig on social media and also edit your gig with good keywords. I hope it will hep.

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This is a recurring topic here on the forum - you can use the search bar above to find many posts on this topic. Here’s a useful one to get you started:


How would you like it if someones on the front page forever and your stuck on the last page forever. There are thousands of seller waiting to be on front too. Gotta share the spot too buddy. Its not for you to stay there forever.

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