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Gig ranking Decreases, I cant get orders why?

I am old seller, I am in fiverr from last 1 year, I am online almost anytime, Actually, I accidentally deleted my running gigs which had reviews, and now its been long time but still i am struggling to reach level 1. I am looking for ideas to improve my gigs, I have tried many things bu still. Any Help would be appreciated! Thanks.


Hi, sar
You can help me get my first order in fiverr. today is a 3 day but no order in fiverr account. please help me to get my first order in fiverr

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how to get me the first order in fiverr account

To get your first order You need to get some of your things ready such as:

  1. good profile
  2. go some research on your gig niche
  3. create excellent gig
  4. create good profile pic and gig image
  5. create portfolio
  7. Reply instant with excellent communication

I hope this will work for you! :slight_smile:


thank you for regards

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This is the best tips you have given him

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Thank you SeoWriter. :slight_smile:

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