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Gig ranking disturbed due to negative rating

Hello There,
I am a seller at Fiverr, After great struggle, I got my first order then I couldn’t stop, I kept getting orders on a daily basis maybe ( 3 or 2 per day), Now I am eligible for level one seller.I’ve completed an order, The buyer gave me 2.7 rating, and overall my rating became 4.9 but my gig ranking disturbed due to bad rating, and now I am not getting order from 4 or 5 days. I did SEO again but no I didn’t see any changes.

I am getting these after a negative rating.

Impression 300 + per day.
10+ views

Please help me…


If anyone knows the answer to that they aren’t sharing it. Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t know how to improve my own gig ranking in the listings aside from doing the best job I can on every order, every time.

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