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Gig Ranking Factor


Hey folks,

I’m facing the very unusual behavior of my top selling gig. I frequently use to check the rank of my gig.

Day 1 : My gig was on the first page.
Day 2 : Disappeared from first page.
Day 3 : Appeared back on first page.

Is there anyone that facing the same problem ? I need help how to fix this issue ?


Have you report to customer care?


Gigs generally always rotate. Fiverr doesn’t have to give any seller exposure. Essentially it’s your responsibility to market yourself - and gain exposure.

Be happy if you’re back on the first page - many other sellers never see the first page! But don’t expect it to stay there.



If you type “gig ranking” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which you may find interesting.


No, I just reading about the ranking factor and to stabilize this thing.