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Hello everybody, I have Already 6 Order complete and six 5* rating. But my gig is not rank, I do 24/18 time fiverr active …Please Check my gig. Thanks .


Please All advice me?

Asking us to “check your gig”, will not help it rank better on Fiverr. We have absolutely no power or authority over how or where your gig shows up in the search results. Where your gig shows up in the search results depends upon YOUR actions and YOUR gig performance. Those things can only be controlled and determined by you.

Be a great seller, who delivers top-quality work on-time, that earns positive reviews, and you MIGHT show up higher in the search results. Fiverr, however, offers no guarantees. Please do not expect instant solutions. There are none.


dear looking now my gig rank result.

Those like like reasonably good stats to me.

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Thank you for advice.

I see…Great it…

@jonbaas Is perfectly right in his words. You have to do everything because if we did have the authority to rank then we must on the first pages :sweat_smile:

Try to get attention on your gig by using social business pages They help a lot in ranking as they did for me.

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Thank you brother for advice…

Please all friend visit my profile and tell me, how to my gig rank?

your statistics are good. Just keep doing good work. Best of luck.


brother I will try my best service provide…But I’m looking my gig is not rank…last 3 day I’m looking my gig rank is down…please brother tell my how rank my gig…

Dear, Please give me some tricks gig ranking…

Select some keywords and place them in your description ,tags and in title. Just like you are logo designer search keyword “Logo” you will find other related keywords retro logo , vantage logo try to rank it on low competition keywords. Use some Good Quality images in your Gig video is best if it’s possible to you. I hope you are getting my point. Thanks

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Great, Thank you haris_designs

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Welcome @safiq1122 :slight_smile:

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at first congrats for your completion 6 order. if you want to rank your gig, then you will do share your gig social media. i think it will be increase your gig rank.

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thanks, I already try it…but second time I’m looking my gig rank down.

If you want to get a good impression or increase your gig rank then the best way is to Share your gig on social media platforms.


Thank you sister…

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