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Gig ranking is going to down

How to increase my impression, click and view with more effectively?please help


Gig ranking is not permanent. The reason of decreasing your gig ranking is you have got recently 4.7 star and 4 star review … For that Your profile+gig review has been decreased .And It is the main reason . I think as a new seller you do not need to think much about gig ranking . There is option in fiverr called “buyer request” You should use that … Get some more good reviews then your gig ranking will be increased automatically .

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If you are getting enough orders, you don’t need to make any changes, just do your best. However, if your sales are not in flow, maybe by changing tags and description of your gigs can help you.

NOTE: “Ranking is not static.” Algorithms are unpredictable.


Thank you so much brother

You are welcome . :grinning::grinning:

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Welcome dear! I hope it will work for you.

You can share your gig links in to social Networking sites and tell your friends to give favorite and open all gigs in new tabs. By that the rate of your gigs views, clicks, and Favorites will be increase gradually.


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You are welcome, dear!

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Thanks for sharing valuable information

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