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GIG Ranking issue answer finally provided by the CS

Hi there,
I contacted the support regarding the gig ranking issue where all the good sellers with good ratings are pushed back to last page without any reason. The support agent answered to that question clearly so now we shouldnt be arguing over it.
My question to CS:
So you are saying that gigs on first pages are being pushed back to give new sellers a chance to come up? Am i correct?

I posted the part of my question of my inquiry, as rest had my other questions. To this the support responded:

As for Gigs in search, you understand me correctly.
There is a lot of Gigs and there must be a chance for everyone.
Just be sure to promote yourself the best you can use social media and other platforms.

This is part of the response, other part was related to my other question but now we got the answer. I hope everyone are relaxed now and shouldnt be talking about this now.



Thank you for clarifying this. It is what most knowledgeable sellers have been telling those who come to the Forum to lament that their gigs have been pushed back in the search pages.

There seems to be a feeling of entitlement among these people that since they were on the earlier pages in the search that they should stay there. Everyone needs a place in the spotlight on new sellers would never get their start. I do not like it when I am getting less orders due to what could be my placement—I say could because I never check—but I realize everyone has to share.


I wonder why there’s the sorting options in that case. If you choose “Sort by best selling”, the algorithm still uses that “Everyone must get a chance” setting, despite the searcher looking for only best selling gigs and not new gigs.

I would understand if using the default sorting, which is “Recommended”. Then everyone should indeed be on the first page at least every week, but currently it’s more like every 7 months from my experience.


thanks for your best sharing.

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How often would they be on the first page if there are 165,000 plus logo design gigs?

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Duration would depend on how many active gigs there are in that category. If hundreds of thousands, then a better option would be to just shuffle all gigs (Even those stickied to last pages that don’t rotate currently at all) everytime a search is done, but have some kind of short cooldown so one does not get their gigs appearing more than others. :thinking:

Still, recommended sorting sounds like good gigs only if Fiverr is recommending to buy them. Not sure why a badly rated gig is appearing in recommended gigs.

And what would be great too is to have online sellers have their gigs appearing sooner in search results. Some kind of “Available now” feature, where a seller has to respond within 10 minutes since a buyer contacts them, in order to get more visibility than when offline.

I believe there used to be such a feature once :thinking: But I don’t think it improved your gig positions.

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They had that in beta form at one time. I guess it did not go well, because it is not offered anymore.

There are over 165,000 active logo gigs. Have you seen this?