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GIG Ranking issue answer finally provided by the CS

It’s correct for a good decision on Fiverr.

It is regarding the single gig or to all gigs seller has ? because we have 17gigs and all our gigs pass from good position to last page … and some gigs is disappeared !!

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Where did you find this State? Can you share link it would mean a lot

I am facing the issue now since 2 months. Has anyone any experienced how long it took to be back in search?

Which statement are you referring to? The comment about Available Now is because I was a Fiverr member when that feature was being tested. As I said, it is no longer available for sellers to use.

As for the chart I attached, it may be outdated now. My friend @blavaro created it a few months ago.

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answer to your question :


Welcome @mh_azad, @daystardigitals to the Fiverr community and wish you all the best.


All gigs and goes for all categories.

Yes we see… all our gigs is not receiving impressions :frowning:

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same with me from 7 days 14k impression to 100 now

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It would great for seller to understand the market.

how is going to your gigs? here everything still going very slooooow…

Just want to give fellow sellers my current experience because i know it can be distressing. I will keep you all updated if/when things turn around.

My gig rankings crashed around Mid January 2021. Previously averaging 600-800 per day and gig was stable at this rate for pretty much the last 3-4 years.

Now I have 40 impressions per day. Its been nearly 2 months now and still no improvement.

My gig is the highest rated in the sub category. 2000+ 5 star reviews my nearest competitor is sub 1000 reviews. Been a seller on Fiverr for 8+ years.

I guess I can understand why fiverr is rotating sellers gigs. It makes sense from their perspective to diversify their income streams. Why would they rely on one sellers gig to bring in the sales when they can rotate and bring up newer gigs to get reviews and then they have a more stable income stream in that category.

Hoping it will rotate in my favour once again. Fiverr was my main income source and much needed during COVID


Thank you so much. I’m really enjoying it. I’m in level 1 in no time. That’s great.

Were you able to get back your ranking ?

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i am still facing this problem with in 1 year

owa… :thinking: :expressionless: :unamused:

It looks like my impressions have finally gone back up to their normal levels, you can see my stats here (Fiverr Impressions.png - Google Drive). For some reason last years stats are not showing correctly. I was receiving approx 800 impressions per day for all 2020 but it just doesn’t show in the analytics for some reason, does anyone else have this bug?

I will update in a few months to see if the impressions are stable or dip back down again.


Did you do anything specific or it came back after set amount of time . If it came back automatically , how much time did you have to wait

This is not a Bug, in 2020 the Fiverr was working in the analytics… this is why you are not seeing in your page the old infos.

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