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GIG Ranking issue answer finally provided by the CS

Well, the ranking system is a mess. I was out of search for 2 months, they put me back in search for 3 days, now my gigs are removed again. And I didn’t cancel any order, didn’t have any late delivery or anything. Nor any bad review.


Did you receive any order within these three days?

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Hello everyone,
I once again contacted them regarding the same issue, thought maybe they have changed their policies now but no. Below is their response.

Please bear in mind that Gigs shifting their position is something that happens on our Platform on a daily level. This is because we want to achieve diversity and give all sellers equal opportunities to get orders, as well as enable buyers to find the services they need easier. Position change can also happen due to many other factors, such as seller’s overall performance, ratings, number of completed orders, etc, which is why the position of your Gigs cannot be manually altered.

Hope this helps you all. Thanks

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yes received! but i modified my two gigs before two day! and CS told me algorithm push sellers back because they want give chance to new users too

It’s normal. You can’t have people be overbooked and making a lot of money while others are pushed in the back. So everyone stands in front a bit, then they eventually go in the back. It’s fair for everyone.

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Thanks for sharing. :grinning: :+1: