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Gig Ranking lost for last 2 months

Greetings Everyone,
On15th November i got level -1 seller. My gig was at first page. After that all of my gigs moved and disappeared from the search results. I made some changes to few of my gigs and waited for few days. But i couldn’t find my gig in the search results. I made a new gig , same happened with it it is not showing anywhere after publishing. All of the giga are in active status from the first day.
I am a full time freelancer. I am facing a lot of financial troubles now a days.
What should i do?
Should i disable this account and create a new one???
Please anybody help me :pray::pray::pray:


You are a level 1 seller with 21 valuable reviews. Your recent delivery was 17 days ago.

Why on earth would you want to start all over again from scratch!

Check this out: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


I have the same problem, Don’t worry i think it will be ok bro.

Keep patient bro…Hopefully success is near to u

Same thing happened to me!
After getting lvl 1 but after sometime situation improved when you will get new order that would be most helpful for ranking…

So keep patient and do your best…

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Keep patient and best wishes for you.