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Gig Ranking Lost Might be due to buyer dispute

Hello everyone,

My Gig was ranking on the first page of search results, and currently, I have 11 orders in the queue, but all of a sudden, my Gig was removed from search results. I think it might be because a buyer raises a dispute against me. Does anyone face a similar problem when the buyer raises a dispute against them?

Moreover, I want to know If I complete my 11 orders and get some good ratings through it. Will it help me in getting my Gig rank back?

Please give your opinion about it.

Sajal Giri


Would you mind teling me how could you do it?

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What you want to know?

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Why did the buyer raised dispute against you? Did you contact Fiverr support about the problematic buyer?

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If you had a lot orders that you didn’t work and complete them, that gig will looks like do not show on the search , but after you done all of them , you can find your gig, don’t worry about that . Just do your best work for all those orders .

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How you know about it? Normally, Fiverr will inform or warn you if they removed your gigs to whatever reason. Have you changed the setting or number of queue limits on your gigs? If you put limit to your gigs, once it reached the limit number, your gigs will be paused and wouldn’t appear in the search until you completed the current work queue.


Can be a dispute, can be negative hidden feedback, can even be you blocking someone.

If it’s one of those things (where you get “punished” for something fiverr doesn’t like sellers doing) completing more orders successfully should fix the issue. If you have a strong regular/return buyers base to keep the orders coming, it can fix the issue pretty quickly.

Buyer raise a dispute because there was some problem in the final delivery. But for that he could ask me a revision but instead of this he raises a dispute.

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I am not sure that my gig was removed due to dispute but when I got a dispute after some time my gig gets disappeared from the search. So I think that dispute is the reason for it and I never set the order queue limit for my gig

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Thanks for your suggestion and even I hope that completeing the current orders successfuly will help me to get my gig ranking back but I am not sure.

same problem with my gig, my gig start losing ranking when my client file dispute against me

Thanks for your suggestion but I don’t think that this might be the reason because I usually take 3 days to complete an order and for big some orders I even take 30 days. So I think the more orders are not a problem but thanks for your concern

So will you get any solution of this problem and how long ago a buyer raise a dispute again you.

for 2 days, now i have edited my gig changed all tags but nothing is working

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No, long time ago I notice something like that with my gig too, during I have a few orders that I didn’t complete , sometimes looks like that gig can not search. But it shows up again after I maked the order deliver . So I thought it will be also a reason for this . But can be other reason too . At lest I think you don’t need to worry about that , because your gig still has orders

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Thanks for sharing your experince. I hope it will also work for me.

Okay I just got a dispute yesterday and till now I don’t any solution for my gig ranking but I hope that completing my current orders will fix this problem.

The most likely scenario is due to gig rotation. Fiverr rotates gigs to give everyone a chance, and they will remove all gigs from your account from the first page. I had my gigs removed for a month, only one of them still got orders, now I am back, and I am prepared to go back at the bottom.


same problem … my gig start losing ranking when my client file dispute against me

Thanks for this useful information but my gig was just ranked on first page 4 days ago other wise my gig was ranking on fifth page. I think if my gig ranks on the first page then it should remain on first page for atleast for a week even if fiver rotates the gig.