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Gig ranking on first page?

Hello, everybody.
I need help. Actually, I wanna know about the gig ranking. My gig is about Blog Post and Article writing.


What do you want to know specifically ?

  • Product Review, etc.

Suggest you remove the above from your gig description as this service is not allowed.

Paid reviews

Do not post, offer or ask for paid reviews, positive or negative feedback on any product, service or performance.

The above is from the Community Standards.

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Thank you dear. But, edit fall impact.

A small edit is unlikely to have any impact.

If you don’t remove it you are likely to get a warning and risk your account.

A much greater impact!

Suggest you do not address others as dear, bro, sister, mate, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.

Just a simple thank you is sufficient.

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Thank you, I’ve eliminated the phrase “Product Review”.

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Hello! Try to upload more than 5gigs. Research keyword and put them to your gig title, tags and description. Create some unique images for your gig. Best of luck

Dear, raahmat, thanks a lot.

You are welcome brother