Gig Ranking Problem By Pricing


I have noticed that if you set the starting price higher for your gig , then your gig will be ranked higher!
but if you have lower price you will be not ranked on the top!
understanding the fiverr SEO algorithm is not easy, yet so this is not good as for newbies it will be hard to get orders!


Unfortunately, you – or I – will never understand how the Fiverr search algorithm works. So don’t focus on it. Focus instead upon developing a quality gig/service, and delivering top-level work to anyone that purchases that service from you.

And don’t be afraid to market and promote your gig. Figure out who your target customers are, and then go reach out to them. Find where they are located, and go tell them about your services. Your target customers are the only people who will purchase from you, and make your gig successful.


Totally agree. Doing the right things is a better business model than trying to hack the algorithm. It is much more sustainable as well.