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Gig ranking Query

Hello, I hope this message finds you well and safe!

I wanted to find out, If I have 10 orders sold at $5 each and my competitor has 1 order sold at $50 and all other statistics are same for the both of us, whose gig has a higher chance of ranking above the others?

In the above scenario, I will have 10 positive reviews and the competitor will have just 1.

I hope my query makes sense. Your valuable response will be highly appreciated!


I am new on Fiverr but as much as I know, your gig will be in better position. But search result is a complicated thing. When a buyer search for anything, Fiverr usually shows him the services of his types. Who are looking for cheap work, you’ll be on their search results and who pay more for the same work, your competitor will will be on their list.