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Gig Ranking Rollercoaster (and what you can learn from it)

Okay guys so,

I know there is a lot of content on here about gig ranking, but I guess many other sellers might be having this problem so all replies to help the community are appreciated.

So I was getting thousands (quite a few thousand) impressions on just a couple of gigs every week. But when I needed to take a break and catch up on orders, I inflated my prices for a bit so no-one else would buy. This ended up going on for two weeks (I got one order actually).

But since then, when I changed my prices back (this all happened about a month ago), my impressions and views and clicks have literally CRASHED. For a while I got maybe a dozen views per week on each of them. Bear in mind I didn’t even change anything on the gig descriptions or tags.

Does anybody have any suggestions to me or to other fiverr sellers in the community who experience the same problem? Has this happened to you? If so, what did you do to fix it? Have you got any tips for the next time other sellers need to take a break? Thank you.


Yes you are right thanks foe sharing @contentcopys

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to change the queue limit in the ‘Gigs’ tab.

I’ve head of a few methods of how to go about taking a break, but don’t have enough information to say what the best method is.

  • Raise the prices.
  • Pause the gig(s)
  • Use the Out Of Office mode

Pros and cons:

Price. As you’ve noticed, making edits to a gig affects it. It’s not known exactly how, as the algorithm is unknown. One thing that is known is that whenever you make an edit to a gig, it is removed from the search for around 24 hrs while the change is verified.

  • Pro: keeps gig visible in the search
  • Con: messes with the algorithm

Pause. Little in known because little data is voluntarily provided. That said, because there are no complaints, it’s theoretically possible that this method has the least impact.

  • Pro: people genuinely cannot order, it’s a true break, removes your gig from the search
  • Con: ???

OOO. The ‘out of office’ mode doesn’t work like you might think. It still permits orders to be placed if a buyer has a direct link to the gig.

  • Pro: Displays on profile that you’re not available, hides gig from searches
  • Con: Not a true, fool-proof break

We on the forums don’t have all the answers. We can only infer based on what people chat (or complain) about.

Hopefully this thread will let you gather more information.

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