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Gig ranking solution

how can i ranking my gigs? . last 2 month i just hard working for marketing my gigs. can anyone help me


Shere your GiG on the social media …like facebook ,twitter ,whats app , shere you gig in inbox on people

Mod Note: Sending your gig to people on inbox without them asking for it is spam and will get you banned.

That’s spamming, unless those people already asked you about your gig. If you do it on Fiverr, you can get reported and blocked, and if you do it elsewhere, you can also get reported and blocked.


tell me that … we not shere my GIG on the social media??

You can share on social media, you can’t share your gig with people via inbox if said people never asked you abou it.


You can share them on social media, yes.

You can’t spam anyone’s inbox offering them your gig.


Thanks… i am new on the Fiverr …i see video in youtube in which person tell we send gig link in the inbox

Read Fiverr’s Terms of Service, then, so you don’t accidentally break the rules.

Sending unsolicited messages to someone’s inbox is treated as spam on Fiverr.