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Gig ranking suddenly drop

My Fiver Gig was ranking in the 1st page 1st row for several months till last week. Now I can see my fiver gig has suddenly dropped from 1st page to 8-9th page of “market research” keyword search. Anyone is facing similar problems? How did you overcome this?


And that is normal. Fiverr doesn’t promise you permanent placing as per fiverr TOS and constantly rotating gigs to give chance to everyone


Okay…That makes sense…I was little bit worried about sudden drop in rank & buyer query. click here and go to fiverr suport and tell them your problem thanks

Be patience. Active more time as much as you can on Fiverr and Fiverr forum. Do some gig marketing. Hope it will work.

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I have same problem. I’ve tried seo, facebook and twitter. i lost hope

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It happen same with me :sob:

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You are right…fiverr does not promise

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