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Gig Ranking suddenly dropped?


I’ve been following my ranking of my best selling gig rising up the ranks and I’ve been working my butt off on it.

It was getting close to the first page for a great keyword and I was getting so excited. It got to the second row on the second page and then it just started dropping suddenly.

I have been getting orders, I have been completing them fast and with great reviews and ratings.

Please can anyone tell me what I possibly did wrong?


LOL ok no worries, maybe it was just a wobble or a drop before a big rise. I am closer to page 1 than ever now!


Yes that’s the way it sometimes goes.
It happens to the best of us. Sorry about this but not much I can say to do as it’s happened to me also.


Thanks @misscrystal :slight_smile: I am happy as can be now, my gig did like a massive drop in rankings and then shot onto page one. I am so excited.


Congratulations! Very happy for you!


Thank you! It was such a lovely surprise. I swear my hubby got such a fright from my shriek of joy that he probably had to change his pants haha.