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Gig ranking Tips


How to ranking your gig??

  1. at first Follow Fiverr Rules
  2. Optimize your Gig.
  3. Relevant Gig Tittle and Keyword
  4. Must be add your Port-polio link in your gig descriptions
  5. Use Clean & Attractive Gig Image
  6. add Gig video and pdf
  7. Don’t edit gig many time
  8. Share your Gig in Social media ( fb, twitter, LinkedIn )
  9. Always try best output to your Clint
  10. earns positive reviews

If you can follow them
Hopefully you will get good Result

Kind regards


From all these 10 tips, only 2 can be consider true (number 2 and 10), all the others there is nothing to do in ranking a gig.

Please take care in sharing such false information here.