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Gig rankings got destroyed after TOS warning

i am pixel artist, i am usally in the first page , 3rd line, when searching pixel art or pixel art animation
i got tos warning today, because i sent buyer message that i am not happy with his 4 star rating.
anyways now my gig is at 15 th page. basicly doesnt exist.
is this temporary?

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You have breached the Fiverr TOS by contacting buyers of your unsatisfactory mood because he/she dropped 4*… The buyers can rate their experience of their choice without being told or manipulated by the sellers. BTW, 4* is not regarded as bad rating.

And for your gig position that shifted in position probably due to the warning strike… I’m not sure if it is because of the warning… Gigs are meant to rotate at any given time.

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it is because of the TOS, i was on the first page this morning and for the last 2 weeks.
the question is if this is only for 24 hours or somthing like that

Ah my dear friend, i know how you feel. I was mighty and loved once, long time ago, i say loved among my clients, always at first page ( I create lyric videos) but then i then i refuse to work with few of them and my gig landed last… Its on the same spot today. Forgotten and unloved - but it was my fold. I was young and naive, full of myself… =(

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nice troll
please avoid wsting my time

Short answer: yes, it’s because of the TOS violation, which affects how the algorithm interacts with your gig.

Even shorter answer: read the TOS and don’t violate them


You have to maintain Fiverr TOS ( Fiverr’s Terms of Service)
please read Fiverr Fiverr’s Terms of Service first

Does gig rank after warning after some days?