Gig Rating: Does this seem right?



For this gig I have 2 negative reviews with 1, and 1.5 stars and the other 362 ratings are a are full 5 stars in each category. It seems my AVG rating should be 5 stars…


Mathematically, I don’t think a seller can ever achieve an even 5.0 rating if they’ve had negative reviews. 5.0 is “perfection”, and once you no longer have “perfection”, you’re always going to have a mathematical 4.9 at best.

I could be wrong, but this is something that I have observed over the years.


Gotya! Thank you Jon :slight_smile: Was just puzzled, b/c I’ve seen gigs with less sales, and the same number of negatives, with 5 stars, so I just wondered if I was missing something! Example- such as the ratings in image attached. This seller also has 2 negatives, with the rest positive, less sales, and is 5…



According to the Analytics page, the average rating is calculated over the past 60 days. As Jon said, if you get any review less than 5 stars, your average rating cannot be 5 stars.

Mine is perpetually stuck at 4.9 because one buyer always has to come along and give less than 5.

For instance, a recent client decided to make up their own rule (4.5-star review), saying: “the Would you recommend buying this Gig? question shouldn’t be mandatory to answer because I don’t have an opinion about it. 3 stars means NA.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. So, for reasons like this, I don’t see how anyone with a good volume of orders could maintain a 5-star average rating unless they cancel anything less than that.

I think you should be proud of 4.9! :blush:


Thanks sydney :slight_smile: I am definitely proud… but was just concerned about the rating criteria being consistent all the way across the board… but I get what you’re saying b/c my most recent negative was about a month ago – so yeah, it makes sense!:blush: