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Gig ratings improvements

I have created my gig 15 days ago. There is no sale on that period. But I already share my gig on social media. But somehow upset. As a new seller, how can I improve my gig rating??
To view my gig please give me valuable suggestions and tips.

Share your valuable comment that will help new sellers’.



Believe it or not, this forum has a whole section dedicated to giving sellers tips. You simply need to read some of the post and gather all the information you find useful and put it to work. What ever you do, don’t wait for people to spoon feed you info a little bit at a time. Anything they can possibly tell you is already out there for you to find.


Thanks for sharing this content

Hello and welcome here. 15 days is a short period of time. you must be patient for your first order. Its a good thing you posted them on your social media. Keep doing this, also read all tips topics here and you will have your first order. Dont worry we have all been there.

Maria S.