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Gig really worth


Do you guys provide service thats really worth $5? I mean I only provide service thats worth $4 and really assume that the buyer pays for fiverr’s cut. Is that against TOS?



Service is only worth…

A) what a buyer is willing to pay.

B) whatever you can get a buyer to pay.

Absolutely my service is worth way much more than $5. Every time I do an order I want the buyer to be blown away and ecstatic with my work.


atechkid, it appears to me as if you’re over-thinking it.

What I hear you saying is this. I sell something for $5 on Fiverr. That I would only be willing to pay $4 for…because after all, that’s all I’ll get from Fiverr when I do it for someone else.

Sure, of course that’s within the TOS. The TOS only says, you must offer your core service for one FIVERR $5. You’re doing that.

Take the writing niche.

Some will write one well researched article for $5. Some will write 2. Some will right 100 words …some will writer 250 words.

Clearly, the “price per word” or “price per article” is different. BUT THE OFFER is for $5.