Gig Recommend List


Hello, last month my GIG was top of the recommend list. but now it goes to 3rd place. anybody know the reason for this? thanks.


I think because of the competition.


I think it’s a whole myriad of factors including number of ratings, rating ratio, recent activity, etc. I haven’t found a definitive explanation on how Fiverr displays the gigs in searches or on the recommended tab but it seems like no on really completely understands how it’s done so it’s a little bit random. All anyone knows is that it’s not constant and it relies on a lot of factors and not just number of positive ratings or rating percentage/number of stars. Being number one on the recommended list doesn’t necessarily mean first place and it often doesn’t seeing as a lot of newly created gigs end up there.


thnx all


thnx all


On the recommended list Fiverr moderators pick the gigs they think are interesting. And of course when a new gig is inserted to recommended your gig goes down slowly.

But when you are there you should receive some orders and you should take advantage of that and got positive reviews and get higher on High Rating category.

Good luck!