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Gig rejected for image quality - baffled as to why?


My gig is getting rejected for “image quality” but I’m following their dimension and photographic specs exactly. The image is very nice too. I’m baffled and can’t seem to find a way to ask them specifically what is the problem.

I’m an expert photoshop user and very good at photography. I know not to upscale images, I understand resolution and pixels, I have great lighting, pure white background, etc etc. Any other ideas?


I have exactly the same problem. In fact I could have wrote your post.


white backgrounds are not acceptable same thing happened to me

just change your background color


And now it’s approved. Not sure why. All I did was upload the same image at a larger size.


Reply to @galictor_007: I didn’t know that - That doesn’t sound logical as some people’s gigs might be to generate images on a white background.

Where did you hear this information?


What was the image used for? For example, I don’t like how Facebook optimized your image when you upload it. Could it be the case of that?