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Gig related question

Can i add live site link in my fiverr gig?

The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:


Thanks for your information.

Thanks for helpful advice!

Thanks a lot. It’s really helpful.

Really helpful…thank you @vickiespencer

All of this information is available on the Help and Support Page of Fiverr. :wink: It is not a secret. :shushing_face:


Though the list says, Blogspot is allowed, I’ve tried and failed to add one in my profile description.


I was wondering to bring this up, and it seems to be the spot? :thinking:

I have heard the same about Behance. It is not on the list but appaently it is allowed. :thinking:

It’s best not to include any URL at all even if it’s on that list. There were a few reports of people having problems from doing that.